Si vous aimez cette photo, demandez moi un tirage ;) / If you like, please ask for a print

I am Thomas Palmer, a French photographer based in Paris specialized in portrait and fashion photography. I also do video, design and printing work for a variety of businesses that wish to appear innovative and stand out from the rest.

Photography is a powerful communication tool that allows us to view things in a new light. My dedication to high quality service and my natural approach to photography allows me to produce the  most fitting photos for my clients.

Whether you are looking to present your products in their best light, capture the viewer’s attention or build a strong connection with your target audience, I can help you convey this message through striking photos.

I love color and paper, so feel confident to entrust me with your printing requirements whether it be a small business card or a large framed photograph. I am equally familiar with creating modern photo reports, books, catalogues for those who are looking to showcase their brand in a creative way.

I try to be both natural and authentic in my work. I limit the use of Photoshop to preserve the raw appeal of my photos, I prefer getting it right in camera. I love exploring and trying new approaches because for me, creation is an ongoing process. I am open to changes and adapting to new trends as well as working with unique materials. If you are interested in our working together, feel free to contact me.

I can travel to outside locations as well as working remotely depending on your needs.