Si vous aimez cette photo, demandez moi un tirage ;) / If you like, please ask for a print

What is it  ?

Fashion & Ropes is a project about a photographer’s calendar, as I am a huge believer in prints, I love to see my photos out there in the physical world. This awesome calendar is primarily about fashion, but every scene in it features elegant women being tied up in the style of the japanese art of Shibari.

What is shibari and why use it ?

Shibari or Kinbaku is a traditional japanese art that involves tying up people in quite unusual ways, at first used on prisoners shibari has more recently been used for art or erotic purposes. As a visual art, I found that I could marry this to another genre, fashion photography to achieve an unique look.

Does it feature sex or nudity ?

F&R is primarily about fashion, so it is about clothes and attitude. The calendar features some lingerie (the summer months tradition). As for eroticism, we avoid having too much, we selected figures and attitudes that were essentialy fashion friendly.

What about retouching ?

When people hear about fashion photography they always think about photoshop and anorexic models. In my work I’ve always been ethical and some would say “raw”. Meaning I’ll only process colors and contrast, but I am not someone who is going to shrink parts of the body, that doesn’t interest me.


The cast 

I am very proud to not only have models but also comedians and dancers on board, and the staff ! We have a virtuoso makeup artist and an incredible stylist. Let’s not forget the “bakushis”, the ultra talented people who roped the model safely and in the most aesthetic ways.

About the product and shipping 

Fashion and ropes should come out as a beautiful A3 sized calendar (30*45 cm), with high quality Paper, the goal was to craft something you could keep forever and collection, not something you would throw the year after.

Expect delivery in december 2017